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Visual Product Customization

Welcome to the Me-Commerce Revolution.

Personal. Fun. Social.

45 million individual dreams and counting that have been built, delivered and cherished.

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Fluid Retail is the market-leading, visual product customization platform for a reason: it makes it unbelievably easy for you to create engaging and fun customization experiences for your consumers.

  • Lower Cost Of Ownership:
    Once possible with only heavy custom development and ongoing IT support, Fluid Retail has delivered superior product configurators at a much lower cost of ownership.
  • Richly Immersive and Fun:
    Quite simply, consumers love creating personalized custom products with Fluid Retail, which is full of rich, engaging features.
  • Naturally Social:
    We’ve built in social features throughout Fluid Retail that enable natural sharing and the creation of communities around product designs- from features that make sharing easy, to leaderboards that allow customers to achieve bragging rights for their designs.


Years of expert development have contributed to the success our customers have with Fluid Retail’s visual product customization platform. Our customers have won awards and earned industry recognition, but what pleases them most is the increased engagement they see from their consumers, and the impact it has on both buying behavior and social sharing. In fact, Fluid Retail outperforms other visual product customization platforms by more than 200 percent.

  • From Concept to Reality in Record Time:
    Fluid Retail makes it possible to launch your mass customization program in a fraction of the time of custom-built solutions.
  • Increased Sales:
    Our customers report significant increases in every measure of consumer engagement, including site traffic, page views, time on site, conversion rates, and order size. In fact, they consistently report that their mass customization lines become top sellers.
  • Innovative Social that Truly Sells:
    Our customers have seen exciting things happen at the intersection of customization and social—from increased social sharing to the impact of new communities or competitions focused on product designs.

Ease Of Use

Visual product customization has become an increasingly important strategy for retailers.  Now, sophisticated product customization is possible without ongoing investment and resource load of custom development.

  • Simple, No Matter How Complex:
    Fluid Retail makes customization easy and fun for your consumers, no matter how basic or complex your products or their designs. And it’s simple for you to manage, too, no matter how large your business becomes.
  • Quick Implementation:
    Fluid Retail makes it possible to launch mass customization in a fraction of the time of a custom solution, and it is already compatible with your existing infrastructure, including ecommerce platforms, analytics services, and manufacturing and fulfillment systems. If you want some extra help—from strategy to implementation—we have a deeply experienced team ready.
  • Easy to Manage without IT:
    Unlike custom-built solutions, Fluid Retail’s intuitive admin tools make it a breeze for anyone on your team to manage changes without involving IT.


Product Customization

Enables creation of personalized products on a mass scale.

Scalable Solutions

A scalable platform that will grow with your business.

Infrastructure Compatibility

Direct integration with ecommerce and manufacturing systems.

Social Merchandising

Comes chock-full of social features to encourage sharing and spreading of consumer-designed products.

Photo-Realistic Imagery

Photo-realistic products best-of-class color change.

Device Optimization

Broad compatibility with mobile devices, tablets, and personal computers.

Starting Points

Draw users in quickly by offering curated, unique products to get them started.

Fun User Interface

Allow product exploration using multiple views, zoom and 360 degree rotation.

Case Studies


JELD-WEN launched a compelling, richly interactive window and door customization experience with the latest in mass customization. More than 15,000 product combinations are put in front of the consumer in an easy-to-shop interface that feels simple and fun.

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Vans partnered with Fluid to create an intuitive, entertaining customization experience steeped in brand heritage. The results? A 150 percent sales increase, with thousands of customers sharing their designs every month.

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